School Table

School Table

Apart from the desks in the classrooms, the tables are used for several other purposes the major one being the staff room tables. Manufactured of the finest-quality wood by the best School Table Manufacturers in Mumbai, these are the most durable pieces of furniture you can rely on.

Ergonomic Design

The design is made to accommodate a lot of stuff at a single table, and the shape can be customized according to the client's demand. We manufacture the teacher's table using modern equipment and is accurate in size and is the most suitable option for a staff room table

Price and Offers

While the size of the table may be significant, but not the price. We offer an exclusive range of these tables at the school table price. Well, astonishing, isn't it? Come and get the best deals and offers for your school at Eleganza International. After all, it isn't that much of a pricey affair. We are the best Teacher Table Suppliers in India.