Lab Furniture

Lab Furniture

At Eleganza International, laboratory furniture is developed using modern technology equipment, offering the advantage of low maintenance costs. These are manufactured by the most experienced Lab Furniture Manufacturers in Mumbai. The material is used in these furniture pieces depending on the need and requirements of the lab, so as to protect the children from any harm.

Types of Lab Furniture

Depending on the use these include chemistry lab, maths lab computer lab, physics lab, and several others. Depending on the materials used, these School Lab Furniture pieces include wooden, steel, metal, plastic, laminated and many others. You can choose from all these varieties and even get your own built as per your needs. We are very well known for the Best Lab Furniture Suppliers in India, contact us now.


Getting high-quality lab furniture might cost you hefty amounts due to the complexities. But, we offer you the best Lab Furniture for Schools in India at the most affordable prices, well within your budget along with some exclusive offers.